Baran Cezayirli


Vancouver, BC, Canada
Baran Cezayirli | Technologist
Highly focused technologist with a multidisciplinary skill set honed over 15+ years in the IT industry. I strive to build great products and can take an initial idea, tackle it from multiple angles and take it from something great to something incredible. With 15+ years of experience in various industries, I help tech startups from idea phase to high volumes. I design and build scalable solutions, implement internal processes that fit your organization, build teams that produce results.


  1. Software Development Lead

    • - I conceived and implemented an event-driven microservices solution, which brought together all products onto a single, modular platform that is cost-effective and scalable.
    • - Together with the development team, I spearheaded the development of a new smart electric vehicle charging product, starting from scratch and guiding the process to a successful launch.
    • - As part of a strategic initiative, I designed a migration plan to transition a legacy system to a new platform architecture, potentially can achieve a 5x reduction in server costs and significant improvements in maintainability and performance.
    • - I championed the adoption of a new product lifecycle process, emphasizing automated release and placing quality assurance at its core. I effectively coordinated the team to execute this process and achieve timely, high-quality releases.
    • - I meticulously documented each step of my work, ensuring clear and effective communication of the changes introduced and preserving them for future reference.
    • - Developed a comprehensive plan for organizing the existing team and identifying staffing needs for future growth, resulting in a more streamlined and effective team structure.
  2. Head of Engineering

    • - I designed a new scalable and maintainable solution for the MVP in production, and skillfully migrated the system with zero downtime.
    • - I built a high-performing development team from scratch, within budget, and trained them to execute any task with efficiency.
    • - I employed lean experimentation to discover the most promising features for development, resulting in bi-weekly releases and a more responsive product development process.
    • - I developed and executed an effective strategy to analyze platform data, leading to a 3x growth increase.
    • - I automated the marketing flows, which resulted in a 50% reduction in marketing costs.
  3. Full Stack Tech Lead

    • - I optimized the codebase to improve system performance, resulting in a significant reduction in API call response times from seconds to milliseconds.
    • - I expanded and improved the development team by recruiting new members and providing effective training within budget constraints.
    • - I successfully transformed a region-oriented app into a product with a broad user base by designing new solutions and use cases that appealed to users from different countries.
    • - I conceptualized and developed a gamification system, which increased user engagement by 75%.
  4. Full Stack Tech Lead

    • - As a tech lead, I expanded the development team by adding new developers, and I helped all team members improve their skills and effectiveness.
    • - I collaborated with the solution architect to design the platform architecture, which enabled the company to successfully raise funds and attract investors.
    • - I oversaw the development and release of the company's first product to production, ensuring its timely and successful launch.
  5. Full Stack Lead Developer

    • - As a lead developer, I successfully developed four blockchain application MVPs, focusing primarily on the frontend development of these projects.
    • - I provided guidance and assistance to other developers on the team to ensure their success and professional growth.
    • - I handled client interactions and communications, ensuring that their needs were met and that they were satisfied with the work done.
  6. Full Stack Lead Developer

    • - As a key team member, I contributed to the design and development of an audit automation platform for Deloitte, focusing specifically on the graphing and analytics side of the platform.
    • - I successfully managed a large and diverse team of developers from different countries, both internally and outsourced, to ensure that the platform was delivered on time and to the highest quality standards.
    • - I was also responsible for implementing 3rd party software into the platform, and my innovative solutions and contributions led to recognition from industry leaders such as Tableau, who invited me to join their conference
  7. Full Stack Developer

    • - The most significant accomplishment of my years was not the numerous applications and games I built, but rather the invaluable lessons I learned from the exceptional individuals I had the privilege to work with.
    • - I came to realize the boundless scope of knowledge available for me to acquire, as I also learned how to design, instruct, and advance my skills.


Full Stack App Development
System Design
Product Management
Project Management
Dev Ops
Machine Learning/AI



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Geological Engineering

Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Industrial Engineering

Gazi University, Turkey