Take your startup to the next level

With 15+ years of experience in various industries, I help tech startups from idea phase to high volumes. I design and build scalable solutions, implement internal processes that fit your organization, build teams that produce results.

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Baran Technologist

About Me


As a seasoned technology professional with over 15 years of experience, I have a broad range of expertise that includes both technical and managerial skills. With a deep understanding of software architecture and a keen eye for innovation, I have led the development of successful products and systems for large corporations and startups alike.


Over 15 years of industry experience


Over 6 years of leadership experience


Collaborated with individuals in more than 7 countries


Successfully completed more than 25 projects

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My Services

I help startups scale affordably and sustainably

I'm here to join you at any stage of your journey, providing guidance to avoid costly rework, assess risks, and enhance your solution and startup for scalable success reaching millions

Solution Architecture

Navigate your idea towards enterprise success with a lean, realistic path
  • Tailor strategies for efficient and effective solutions tailored to unique business needs.
  • Anticipate future growth with comprehensive scalability assessments and strategic planning.
  • Optimize technology stacks for peak performance, efficiency, and innovation to stay competitive.
  • Analyze and address bottlenecks for optimal system responsiveness.

Data and AI

Optimize business capabilities with data and AI strategic expertise
  • Streamlined strategies and data-driven insights for lean and sustainable growth.
  • Establishing robust policies and practices for data management.
  • Integrating artificial intelligence solutions for enhanced decision-making.
  • Leveraging data for predictive modeling and actionable insights.

Lean Growth

Streamline strategies and data insights for your startup's sustainable growth.
  • Implementing rapid, small-scale experiments to test and refine strategies.
  • Embracing an iterative approach for continual product improvement based on user input and market changes.
  • Seeking and incorporating customer feedback early and consistently throughout the product development lifecycle.
  • Establishing a culture of ongoing improvement, learning from successes and failures to enhance processes.

Technical Talent Blueprint

Optimize your growth with a tailored plan for strategic hiring of technical roles
  • Tailoring your technical team to your startup's unique needs for optimized growth.
  • Balancing efficiency and budget considerations in strategic technical role hiring.
  • Focusing on team collaboration enhancement through strategic hiring and onboarding.
  • Aligning technical hiring strategies with your startup's future scalability requirements.


Personalized guidance for founders and their teams navigating the complexities of startup life.
  • Tailored guidance to founders and teams, addressing specific challenges and goals.
  • Provide insights and advice for strategic decision-making to support startup growth.
  • Focus on developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills crucial for success.
  • Engage in collaborative problem-solving sessions to overcome obstacles and drive innovation.


Hands-on workshops tailored to your startup's challenges for effective solution building.
  • Customized workshops addressing specific challenges unique to your startup.
  • Hands-on sessions fostering teamwork for effective solution development.
  • Practical exercises to enhance essential skills for your team.
  • Encouraging innovative thinking through interactive workshop activities.
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What people say?

Here are a few amazing people I had the opportunity to collaborate with

Baran is one of the most technically capable people I've ever worked with. He has a deep understanding of how platforms should be built from his experience building many platforms in different languages and frameworks. Baran is also very good with identifying technical talent and interviewing them.

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Ahmed Al Rawi

It has been really great working with Baran. He is an excellent developer who has a deep attention to details and always thrives to build a great product. Baran knows his craft, he is the sort of the developer that can take an initial idea, tackle it from multiple angles and reshape it into something better that wasn’t previously thought of.

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Rotem Hayoun Meidav

Baran is a smart, motivated technologist with a multidisciplinary skill set. He was a natural fit into our startup, providing a welcome mix of design work, software development, marketing/SEO, and business insights. He is a great communicator and seems to at all times have a good attitude. It was a pleasure working with him and we hope to collaborate on something again in the future.

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Heath Morrison

Baran is an outstanding developer and technology leader. If there is a box – he thinks outside it. He is one of the best solution innovation minds that I have had the privilege to work with. His ability to create customer value by bringing together modern technology differentiates him and puts him into an elite class of developers. I have enjoyed working with him immensely and would love to do so again.

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Jonathan Dugger