What can I do for you?



Many things can go wrong during software development. They range from inconveniences, slowdowns, and failures in the final solution that affects the business considerably. Implementation of an incomplete or wrong solution most of the time means tremendous amounts of wasted resources and time.

I am ready to join you at any stage of your journey, guiding you to help you prevent costly rework, analyze risks and improve the final solution to scale for millions.

For me, it is essential to find the right solution that is flexible, scalable and cost-effective that aligns with your business goals. I take into consideration the size of your business, your industry, your business goals and improve your product quality considering all variables.

Develop a Product Concept

I analyze market, competitors and create a product concept that addresses the market needs. With my wast experience in business communications, I find the most effective approach to present information to all stakeholders.

Requirement Analysis

I help you to clarify, prioritize and disambiguate business goals and turn them into clear to understand and actionable pieces. I use lean methodologies to minimize development time and maximize the impact.

Solution Architecture

From the first days of your concept to the time when you need to scale, I assist you in choosing the appropriate technology, optimal design and migrating an outdated solution. I deliver clear application architecture that is performant, flexible and scalable.

Software Development

Software Development

Creating successful products is at the core of my business. I build software that turns your idea into a product and gives you a competitive advantage. I worked with clients worldwide. Over the years, I have been accumulating expertise in building custom software solutions, performing system redesign services, and “rescuing” projects.

I can bring you closer to your goals via building an MVP to test market fit for your idea, develop the solution that scales or migrate your outdated solution to a new platform.

I employ the proven combination of the latest and classic trusted technologies with scalable code quality to deliver the results personally. I build your product for a fixed price for each milestone we plan. You can cancel after every milestone and only pay for delivered ones.

Blockchain Solutions

I build full-stack blockchain applications that power real business transformations. I create new business tools based on revolutionary decentralized networks that change your industry forever.

Mobile Development

I use cross-platform libraries (react native, flutter) to deliver cost-effective, scalable and beautiful mobile apps that deliver results in a short time.

Web Development

I can handle anything from full-stack innovative web applications to classic websites. I build responsive, high performing and highly attractive experiences while keeping in mind best practices and latest technological platforms.



Even the work of most professional developers must be coordinated however not every startup can afford a dedicated engineering manager. Whether it’s a large project or small, complex or simple – I ensure successful delivery of the product. I start with your end goals in mind and work alongside you to achieve them.

I use my experience working with startups to give a powerful boost to your project flow and let you enjoy wise resource coordination, clear formulation of objectives and tasks, on-time delivery with maximum quality.