Baran Cezayirli
About Me


Design for scale and flexibility

Many things can go wrong during software development. They range from inconveniences, slowdowns, and failures in the final solution that affects the business considerably. Implementation of an incomplete or wrong solution most of the time means tremendous amounts of wasted resources and time.

Lean architecture

I provide long-term strategies that take into account the capabilities of current systems, opportunities for consolidation and reorganization, and a map for how to reach these goals within a specific budget and timeline.

Stable growth

I am ready to join you at any stage of your journey, guiding you to help you prevent costly rework, analyze risks and improve the final solution to scale for millions.



Enhance your competitive advantage

I use proven lean product development strategies to deliver customer focused products customized according to your scale and goals.

Define clear goal

Gather market and customer insights to then define product objectives realized through product innovation.

Measure the growth

Keep it simple, analyze and improve as product grows. Always observe the user, understand how the need can be fulfilled.

Iterate until product/market fit

Using the experiments and data, set direction of the capability roadmap based on business strategy, market, and customer needs.



Get work done

I use my experience working with many startups to give a powerful boost to your project flow and let you enjoy wise resource coordination, clear formulation of objectives and tasks, on-time delivery with maximum quality.

Better collaboration

It is not always easy to pass your vision to engineering team. I act as a bridge between the engineering and other departments of your startup.

Realistic estimations

I work with your engineers, get the know their skills and help them estimate more accurately for in-time delivery.

Business focused prioritization

I understand your business and value you want to provide and make it sure that engineering team maintain focus on the business objectives.