Sage is a personalized vitamin subscription service for Bahrain. I design and develop the solution for the MVP version from scratch. The project requirements were:

  • Users take a free consultation online to determine their goals and needs. According to answers to these questions, they get personalized recommendations.
  • They subscribe to the service via credit card. Each month, get a monthly delivery of the products they order.
  • The system also adjusts the recommendations for changing health needs.
  • An admin application keeps track of the orders.

The Solution

My first step was to try to find a ready-made solution. I experimented with several services and shared the results with the client. Unfortunately, the options were not enough to fulfill the needs of the concept. Thus we decided to build the product from scratch.

For the first MVP, I decided to keep things as simple as possible.

  • I picked Gatsby for the store application. Gatsby provides a performant, SEO friendly storefront. In the future, it would be simple to add a JamStack CMS.
  • For the backend, I picked Firebase. It is a simple, secure solution that doesn't require too much effort in maintenance. It is also possible to migrate in the future when a need arises.
  • For the admin application, I built a simple react app with an admin template.
  • For the consultation form, I designed a simple expert system that provides recommendations according to users' answers.

The main goal was to release the app as quickly as possible.

  • Client:Falgo Ventures W.L.L.
  • Technologies:Firebase, Gatsby, React, Mobx, Monorepo, Typescript
  • Status:Ongoing
  • Website:Sage
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