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Gatsby Resume

Gatsby starter resume is a free CV starter template with Netlify CMS. It is easy to customize the design and can be deployed to any static hosting service like Netlify, Firebase hosting or Github pages.


  • Resume starter comes with built-in PWA support which provides fast, reliable user experience for all devices.
  • It is easy to customize content with custom content blocks using Netlify CMS or updating JSON file directly.
  • Resume starter comes with basic SEO support to increase your exposure for your next job or gig.
  • Built with Tailwind CSS and it's theming capabilities, It is easy to change look and feel of your presentation.
  • Optimized build process for fast page loads.
  • Linting and prettier support for better code structure.
  • Client:Personal
  • Technologies:Gatsby, Netlify CMS
  • Status:Completed
  • Website:Demo
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